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About the Group

The Bored Chat Group was made on April 8th of 2007 by Bryant Harris. The chat group is notable for having frequent and loyal visitors while at the same time avoiding floods. Although far from popular, Bored has maintained its status as a place for people to let loose and be themselves without being socially conscious of their behavior, no matter how erratic it is. Currently, the group is affectionately called "Bread" by its members due to the similarities between the words Bored and Bread.


Bored's origins come from an anti-MyspaceWigger group. The Myspace group prominently featured a chat which its members used as a place for meetings and such. As the influence of the wiggers decreased, the bonds between the group members waned. The group eventually dissipated leaving no way for loyals to convene. They decided to make separate Xat chatboxes on their Myspace profiles. This led to confusion on who's chatbox to convene on and at what time. They eventually converged on a single chatbox that belonged to James. Upon realizing that the visitors would be limited only to the loyals, they decided to convene in a public chatbox made by Bryant Harris (which was made without their knowledge for some reason).

The Chatbox & Group Page

The members of Bored like the environment they converse in to change frequently. In response to popular demand, the owners Bored frequently edit the chatbox and the group page. This includes editing the background, adding new features to the page, and creating special effects.

Bored's background usually changed daily to please visitors, although occasionally, backgrounds are kept for long periods of time due to laziness or the quality of the background. These backgrounds are sometimes created from quick Photoshop mashes that are generally entertaining or humorous. Usually, the backgrounds come from 4chan and are almost always in some way epic or funny. The most frequent type of image used are de-motivators, which are simply standard motivator pictures you can find in schools or offices that have been edited in some way.
Page Background

Bored's page background used to have a daily change policy. This, however, changed because it involved searching through the magnitudes of code that were also used on the page for special effects. Editing the background always presented a risk of accidentally altering the page's codes which would end up as an uncleanable mess.
Special Effects

Due to special knowledge of the owners in Javescript and CSS, they are able to create effects unique to their page, including a pop-up entry alert, a now defunct pop-up goodbye alert, and the prestiged matrix code. A frequently changed part of their special effects code is the cursor image trail. It has a humorous pic that follows the cursor as it moves around the page. Unfortunately, the Javascript and CSS codes stopped working due to changes made by xat.



There are currently 5 owners. Bryant(lolchair), James(Squirrel High Command Sniper), Dean(My Name Is Legion), Danielle. The first three are from the original anti-MyspaceWigger group. Danielle, the only female of the five, was made an owner for no apparent reason. The 3 original owners had a certain dislike for emos, therefore, the granting of Danielle's ownership was fairly perplexing.


Bryant is the topmost owner and is the one who created Bored. His current chat name is "lolchair". He is fairly arrogant and very straightforward. He is quite demanding at times and does not hesitate when destroying those he does not like. He frequently blurts out "ooberscoobermanjenson" for no apparent reason. His current political views are totalitarian.


James' current political views are Soviet communism. His chat name is "Squirrel High Command Sniper". His ex girlfriend is the "faggot" Kayla.


Dean's current political views are Norsefire facist. His chat name is "Меня.зовут.Легион". He does most of the group coding and is extremely random. His favorite band is Rage Against the Machine.


Danielle is a random owner. Her current chat name is "danielle_ [ [is_a_stalker ] ]" Being the only female owner, she often seems out of place. Also, she considers herself an "emo cupcake", but no one knows what that is supposed to be. Her current political views are unknown.


Bored holds a surprisingly low owner to mod ratio. The current frequently present mods are Emy, Punkchick, Drew, and Kenny. The mods are trusted heavily by the owners to correctly regulate the chat group. For a very brief period of time, the owners were on a mod hunt to fix the low owner to mod ratio which unfortunately yielded no results. This resulted in their theory of the rarity of good mods.


Most members of Bored have a unique way of communicating using jargon that would not be understood by the average visitor which ends up repelling would be members. Their manner of speech derives heavily from the popular 4chan website. Still, they end up making up their own words and creating their own unique style of speech. For example, rofl has been completely replaced by rof which was created due to a spelling error made by Dean. As confusing as it may be, many who return to Bored easily pick up on this way of speech. The members also draw heavily on pop culture, quoting well known pieces of literature, or current events. Members frequently engage in combos and avoid breaking them the best they can.


There have been several distasteful visitors that visit Bored. Not only do they annoy the owners, they also annoy the mods and other visitors that come. Due to a minimal ban policy that Bored operators practice, they are allowed to continue their behavior as long as they do not break any of the rules.


The most prominent "faggot" is James' ex girlfriend Kayla who recently broke up with him. She drops by frequently and offers absolutely no useful content. She is notably immature and socially awkward. Another disagreeable trait that she possesses is that she is a "Narufag" and frequently acts like a Naruto character. She frequently ends up in arguments that annoys everyone. It is currently unclear why she visits Bored, seeing that every one there dislikes her, and she dislikes everyone there.


Another "faggot" is known as TayFay. She frequently stalked the three male owners until they retaliated, ending with the complete destruction of several of her freewebs websites. Not much is known about her other than she is a friend of one of the mods. She is now seen randomly appearing and then disappearing from the Bored chat.


Although the regulators of Bored try to be as accepting as they can, they still harbor a quirky dislike toward Naruto fans. They possess minimal objections toward the show. However, they have grown to dislike Naruto obsessed fans very much due to the fact that they role play as Naruto characters, and insist on having very long and unintelligible chat names.


The rules of Bored are similar to instructions posted on 4chan. They are in list format and seemingly nonsensical. The rules are:

* 1. No advertising/ whoring

* 2. Loosen up. Anything Goes.

* 3. Don't ask for moddage.

* 4. ???


* Bonus Rule: No French.

The first three are standard rules that apply to a majority of chat rooms. Rules four and five, however, originate from South Park, where the underpants stealing gnomes were turning underwear into PROFIT!!! The bonus rule was a result of a certain individual who insisted on speaking in French after being repeatedly told to stop.

The rules of Bored are extremely lenient when compared to other chats. This is because this is where you can let loose and do what you wish as long as it didn't stir up any trouble. Banning is strongly discouraged, while kicking is frequently used as a source of entertainment.

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I enjoy dicks
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